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Android Foundry Android PINs

We present our 10 exciting Android-PINs. Every PIN is round about 3 cm tall and will be closed with a safety closure.

Standard Green: The classic design in iconic green!
Panda: Panda waves hello to everyone who walks by.
Construction: Developing and building are all he can think about.
Pinkey: Pretty in pink and looking for hugs.
Hi-Voltage: Use caution when handling, this design is shocking.
SuperUser: Unlimited superpowers and not afraid to use them!
BotMan: He lurks in the shadows, ready to automate your justice.
Copperbot: Bolts, rivets and gears reside inside.
Business Time: What time is it? Time to get some work done.
Luckycat: Bring some luck into your life with this cute kitty!

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