Android Collectible Mixed Series 04

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Original Android Collectible - mixed series 04

Designed by Andrew Bell, and his friends. Made by Dead Zebra / Dyzplastic USA

We're very glad to bring you the original Android-OS figures here.


- 3" vinyl figure
- Rotating arms and head
- Sold individually or order 16 for a case!
- 15 different styles available

Every Robot is packet in a silver foil in a box. There is no sign on the box what kind of robot is in the box. Every box is a surprise. Opened boxes can't be retained back to me.

More about the new characters:

Andrew Bell - Core Dump - Astronomiton
Google - Gold - Track Star - Yellow
kaNO - Flipmode
Kronk - Dicktator
Kong Andri - Caveman - Fisherman
Scott Tolleson - 2x2
Sergio Mancini - Stress Tech
Shawnimals - Wee Ninja

Product is an adult collectible and not intended for children under the age of 15! Designed in New York by Andrew Bell & California by the Android team, made in China, produced by Dyzplastic

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